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Self-Propelled Detasseler

  • Best-in-class power with 6.7L Cummins diesel engine
  • Improved performance in difficult conditions with optional all-wheel-steering and traction control
  • Smooth, consistent ride with air bag suspension system
  • Excellent visibility and operator comfort with application designed cab

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6.7-L (408.9-cu in.) Cummins® QSB engine
Final Tier 4 (FT4) diesel engine Final Tier 4 (FT4) diesel engine

The Hagie D400 is powered by a 6.7-L (408.9-cu in.) Cummins QSB emissions-compliant Final Tier 4 (FT4) diesel engine rated at 145- kW (195-hp). This 6.7-L (408.9-cu in.) engine is electronic with an air-to-air cooler and turbocharger.

Engine location
Engine location (FT4 engine shown) Engine location (FT4 engine shown)

The rear-mounted engine keeps constant weight to offset the front attachment and leaves space in the center of machine for the varying weight of the fuel tank. This allows for better coolant airflow and reduction of cab noise.

Engine exhaust
Engine exhaust stack Engine exhaust stack

The engine exhaust is located at the rear of the machine. This helps to reduce interior cab noise and vibration.


Cummins is a trademark of Cummins, Inc. Hagie is a trademark of Hagie Manufacturing Company, LLC and similar to John Deere branded equipment, Deere will also support Hagie equipment.

Overhead monitors and controls
Location (image) Component Description/notes
A Courtesy/interior work light The courtesy light comes on automatically when the cab door is opened. The interior work light is activated by manually pressing the interior work light switch (located on the light housing).
B Stereo (if equipped) The stereo features an AM/FM tuner, weatherband broadcasting, CD player, MP3 player, USB/ iPod® controls, and Bluetooth® wireless system (if equipped).
C Climate controls The climate controls allow the operator to set and maintain desired cab temperature. Vents are placed throughout the cab to keep air circulating and to maintain clear windows throughout the cab.
D Machine display The machine display is the central control center of the machine. It controls many of the machine’s electronically driven functions (i.e., machine drive, all-wheel steer [AWS], attachment operation, tread adjustment, detasseling systems, lights, diagnostics, etc.).
E Machine gauges The machine gauge panel on the A-post is conveniently located for viewing engine rpm, fuel level, engine coolant temperature, and engine aftertreatment level (if equipped).


Side console
Location (image) Component Description/notes
A Emergency stop (e-stop) switch The e-stop switch provides a quick method for stopping the engine in an emergency situation.
B 4-1/ to 4-2 Ddetasseler toolbar slide switch (if equipped) Provides adjustment of the toolbar from 4-1 to 4-2 row configurations if equipped
C Traction valve switch Enables the machine traction control system for 30 seconds
D Ignition switch Engages engine starter to start the machine
E Power mirror switch (if equipped) The power mirror switch allows vertical or horizontal adjustment of the electric side- view mirrors by pressing the switch in the desired position.
F Hydrostatic drive control handle The hydrostatic drive control handle controls the direction of the machine and the speed in which it travels. It is also used to control the toolbar, master control, end row management, and shift up/down speeds.
G All up/down switch All up/down switch is used to raise or lower all row units at the same time.
H Main control switch Controls the on/off state of the detasseling motors
I End row management switch The end-row management switch is a programmable switch that enables various functions (i.e., all-wheel steerAWS, auto steer, master control) when the switch is depressed. End-row management settings are programmed through the machine display.
J Shift up switch The shift up/down switches are used for speed range selection.
K Shift down switch The shift up/down switches are used for speed range selection.
L Parking brake switch The parking brake switch is used to engage and disengage the parking brake, as well as extend and retract the ladder.
M Throttle switch The throttle switch is used to control engine speed (rpm).
N 12-V power ports Four power ports are provided for the connection of additional items (such as radios and computer equipment).
O Two auxiliary audio input connections The auxiliary audio input allows connection of a personal device or MP3 player.
Front console
Location (image) Component Description/notes
A Steering wheel Optional premium leather-wrapped steering wheel
B Hazard/warning lights switch ---
C Highway running lights switch ---
D Turn signal indicator Left-hand side
E Highway running lights indicator ---
F High beams indicator ---
G Turn signal indicator Right-hand side
H Steering wheel telescope adjust handle Available only if equipped with this option
I Steering column tilt adjust button Knee angle
J Steering column release pedal ---
K Operator foot pegs

Two pegs
Available only if equipped with this option

L Deceleration (decel) pedal ---
M Horn ---
N Windshield washer ---
O Turn signal lever ---
P Windshield wiper speed ---
Q High beams (brights) ---

iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc. Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Chassis mainframe Chassis mainframe
Horizontal cross-through axle tube Horizontal cross-through axle tube

The D400 Detasseler mainframe design features horizontal cross-through axle tubes, as well as toolbar and platform mounts on weldment.

  • 360.7-cm (142-in.) mainframe width
  • 182.9-cm (72-in.) ground clearance


EnginePeak rated power
145 kW
195 hp
Detasseling speed range0.8 to 30 km/h
0.5 to 19 mph
Transport speed, maximum45 km/h
28 mph
SuspensionIndependent air-ride
Crop clearance with standard tires182 cm
72 in.

Peak rated power145 kW
195 hp
EmissionsFinal Tier 4 (FT4)
Number of cylindersSix
Displacement6.7 L
409 cu in.
Alternator200 amp
Fuel tank capacity378 L
100 gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity18.9 L
5 gal.

Toolbar outriggers12-row 340.4 cm
134 in.
8-row 190.5 cm
75 in.
Row configurations6, 8, 10, or 12
Cutting heightMinimum range: 74-238 cm in. cm
32-97 in.
Maximum range: 33-259 cm
13-102 in.
Pulling heightMinimum range: 82-246 cm
32-97 in.
Maximum range: 102-266 cm
40-105 in.

Option 1Quad Puller - 8 Row 4 Lift
Option 2Quad Puller - 10 Row 4 Lift
Option 3Quad Puller - 12 Row 6 Lift
Option 4Cutter - 8 Row 4 Lift
Option 5Cutter - 10 Row 4 Lift
Option 6Cutter - 12 Row 6 Lift
Option 7Quad Puller - 4-1 or 4-2 configuration, 12 Row 6 Lift
Option 8Cutter - 4-1 or 4-2 configuration, 12 Row 6 Lift

DriveFull-time four-wheel drive (4WD)
ShiftingDual range speed control with incremental speed adjustment within each range
Hydraulic reservoir capacity95 L
25 gal.
Detasseling speed range0.8 to 30 km/h
0.5 to 19 mph
Transport speed, maximum45 km/h
28 mph

Dry compatibleNo
SuspensionIndependent air-ride
Crop clearance with standard tires182 cm
72 in.
Front tires300/85R42 or 320/80R42
Rear tires300/85R42 or 320/80R42
Flotation tires380/80R38
Hydraulic tread adjustOptional
Wheel tread spacing305 to 406 cm
120 to 160 in.
Wheel base353 cm
139 in.
Turning radius5.9 m
19.4 ft
Parking brakeIntegrated in final drives
Primary brakesDrive system dynamic braking
Ladder raise/lowerHydraulic
Approximate dry weight9,480 kg
20,900 lb

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