Advanced Application Cab
Long hours have never been as comfortable as they are in the Hagie application specific cab. Designed for one purpose and one purpose only, spraying. The cab can be configured in either standard or premium options. Premium cab option adds Bluetooth®, a premium heated/cooled leather seat, power mirrors & auto climate control will help you make the most of this mobile office. The Sy-Klone Air Filtration System and RESPA® Cab Filter work together to provide continuous fresh, clear air in the operator station. The external Sy-Klone system provides positive air pressure keeping the cabin pressurized and contaminates out. The internal RESPA® system continually filters and circulates the air in the cab. The two work together to keep the interior safe and clean of contaminates.
AWS - All Wheel Steer
The All Wheel Steering (AWS) option is designed so the front and rear wheels are coordinated to follow the same path to minimize crop damage and ground disturbance.
Making timely applications sometimes means working late into the night. The Night spray and premium LED light options help get the product applied when you need to, no matter the time of day.
Backup Camera
The backup camera comes standard to aid in safety and minimizing crop damage while reversing the machine.
Pressure Washer
The optional on board pressure washer for rinsing off your machine before performing infield maintenance and rinsing off product before leaving the field.
Tall Crop Package
Perform late season applications with reduced crop damage and enhanced protection of your DTS and STS sprayer. Hagie’s Tall Crop Package option includes the under frame covers and front shielding (STS only). Also available are wheel covers and crop dividers.
Narrow Leg Design
Many think that the key to spraying tall crops is clearance, however leg design is a key feature of late season sprayers and, in many cases, can be as important as clearance. Hagie products are designed to be no wider than 20” (50.8cm) at hub height and taper from bottom to top in effort to reduce crop damage from machine contact.
Hands Free Door Opening
After utilizing the hand wash station outside the cab door use the standard hands free door opener.
Rear Boom
The optional rear boom allows the center section of the main boom to be diverted to the rear boom to provide superior fungicide application in post-tassel corn after the crop has passed under the machine.
Machine Control Display
All 2018 Hagie products feature a new display for improved operator feedback and control. The new display is considerably larger and provides a sharper image. It is 100% touch screen with virtual buttons positioned along the right side or easy access in field. The new controller is considerably faster providing quicker start-ups and responsive control. New features include virtual rinse control, improved drive system set-up, and customizable in-field lighting to name a few.
Tool Kit
Included with each DTS and STS is a proprietary tool kit for changing nozzle bodies, strainers and spanner wrenches for removing fittings and end caps on the boom.
Magnicoat Hardware Coating
Increased resistance to corrosion. Even in the presence of Nitrogen.
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