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It all began with an idea.

A problem solver at heart, Ray Hagie envisioned a more efficient solution to spray crops on his family’s farm. In 1947, he invented the world’s first self-propelled sprayer, a breakthrough that revolutionized the agriculture industry we know today. And the rest, as they say, is history.

This storied past of Hagie shows the constant push for innovation as new technology was created with more company growth year after year. It’s something we’re proud of, as we continue the spirit of which our company was founded on today with great anticipation of the next big breakthrough.

Hagie Factory

Explore our legacy of innovation

Ray W. Hagie
Ray agie

In 1933, Ray W. Hagie graduates from Iowa State College and begins to experiment with hybrid seed corn on 1.5 acres of his father’s farm. The following year, Hagie Hybrids is founded. In 1936, the drought shows the advantages of hybrid, and the seed business booms. In October 1943, a fire occurred at the Hagies Hybrids seed dryer. The following year after the fire, a new Hagie's Hybrids seed corn plant was built in Clarion, IA.

The Personal Carrier
Personnel Carrier

In 1946, Hagie Manufacturing Co. develops a Personnel Carrier.

Self-propelled sprayer
Model A 1947

In 1947, the original Hagie high-clearance self-propelled sprayer was built.

Hagie growth
Hagie Building 1954

In 1954, Hagie Manufacturing Co. moves into a new building, located next to the seed corn plant. In 1955, Hagie growth expands globally with the company’s first sales occurring outside the U.S.

Factory doubles in size
Hagie Hybrids 1957

In 1957, the Hagie Manufacturing Co. factory doubles in size as a result of the company’s first addition.

Hagie model 430 is built
1960 430 002

Hagie Model 430 is built in 1960. Notably, it is the first rear-wheel-drive Hagie sprayer, as well as the first model to offer a front-mounted boom.

High-clearance nitrogen application bar
1963 NTB 1963 001

At the forefront of innovation, in 1963, Hagie developed a high-clearance nitrogen application bar.

Hagie model 440
1968 440 001

In 1968, the Hagie Model 440 is introduced. It is the first hydraulic twin tank, active suspension sprayer. The model also includes an optional cab.

Another expansion
1970 2014 Hagie East Campus

In 1970, the new office area and showroom are added to the front of the building, along with 20,000 square feet added to the shop floor.

Hagie model 640
1973 640 001

In 1973, the Hagie Model 640 is made available with a total capacity of 850 gallons.

A new look for Hagie equipment
1980 8400 002

In 1980, Hagie introduces a new look, with the color scheme changing from red to beige with chocolate brown accents. Hagie also begins building sprayers that are more economical during the farm crisis.

John Hagie become president of Hagie
1981 John Hagie

In 1981, John Hagie is promoted to president of Hagie Manufacturing Company.

Models 250 and 280 introduced
1990 280 001

In 1990, Hagie Models 250 and 280 are introduced with 500- and 800- gallon capacities.

Hagie 284 and a new color scheme
1994 284 002

In 1994, the new Hagie 284 is the first model to offer a 90 ft. boom. An automatic hydraulic tread adjust also becomes an option. A new color scheme is introduced for Hagie machines, featuring a light grey and black design with red accents.

50th Anniversary and introduction of model 2100
1997 2100 002

In 1997, Hagie celebrates its 50 year anniversary with the release of the Hagie Model 2100, including a 1,000-gallon capacity and air-ride suspension. The same year, the Hagie factory expands 21,000 square feet. Space is designated for a new research and development area, maintenance shop, tooling and paint facilities.

Hagie model STS12
2000 STS12 2001 001

In 2000, the Hagie Model STS12 is produced, including several features and an innovative design. The STS series receives a new color scheme featuring light grey and yellow and red accents. The dual tank machines feature the legacy grey and black designs, with red accents.

A 40‘ high-clearance nitrogen toolbar
2002 40ft NTB 2004 001

In 2002, Hagie releases a 40‘ high-clearance nitrogen toolbar.

Hagie introduces STS16
2005 STS16 2005 002

In 2004, Hagie Upfront Solutions (now HCS) are made available. Projects such as field computers, auto steer, injection systems, along with other custom machine configurations, are now available. In 2005, Hagie model STS16 is introduced as the world’s largest row crop sprayer, featuring a 1,600-gallon capacity. The entire Hagie lineup receives a color scheme update to feature dark grey and yellow, with red accents.

Another expansion
2007 2015 Hagie Aerial 02

In 2007, the Hagie factory is expanded by 75,000 square feet.  

Hagie adds All Wheel Steer (AWS) and another building
2011 2015 Hagie Aerial 01

In 2009, All Wheel Steer (AWS) is made available on the STS series. In 2011, Hagie expands with the purchase of a 210,000 square foot building located next to the factory.

STS line is redesigned
2014 STS14 2014 005

In 2014, the STS line is completely redesigned with major upgrades to the cab, cooling and driveline.

DTS10 redesign
2015 DTS10 2016 030

In 2015, Hagie’s DTS10 model is completely redesigned.

Joint venture with John Deere
man with Hagie sprayer and John Deere truck

In March of 2016, a joint venture with John Deere is established, allowing Hagie Mfg. LLC. to be integrated into the John Deere sales and service channel. Kent Klemme is named president.

Hagie and John Deere partnership evolves
2017 STS16 2017 008

In 2017, the STS14 and STS16 become the first models to be powered by John Deere engines, while John Deere precision becomes factory-installed. In 2018, a new 120’ hybrid boom is introduced with the inner 60’ constructed of steel and the outer 60’ constructed of aluminum. In 2019, the STS10 & STS12 receive the John Deere 6.8L PowerTech Tier 4 engine and Hagie releases the LS475 to the market for the John Deere F4365. In 2020, John Deere acquires the remainder of Hagie ownership.

Expanded boom widths, optional AutoTrac™ RowSense™ and Vision become available
2021 Hybrid Boom Family

In 2021, the hybrid family of STS booms expands offerings in 90’, 100’, 120’ and 132’ widths. The STS sprayers are factory-equipped for optional AutoTrac™ RowSense™ and Vision.  

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