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Hagie STS with boom


120-foot Boom, Every Row

  • Super light weight
  • Full boom productivity
  • Flexible drop structure
  • Quick attach latch system for easy installation and removal
  • Narrow transport width

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Do not settle for reduced width drop applications. Take advantage of the entire 120 ft (36 m) boom width with ExactDrop. Drop application work has long been considered slow, tedious work due to the limited application width and slow operating speed. ExactDrop combines its super light weight and flexible drop design to support full application width. ExactDrop also includes a quick attach latching system for quick and easy switching from broadcast application to drop work and back with no tools, and no loose pins or clips.

Updates to the Hagie hybrid boom made in model year 2023 added larger hydraulic components to support Hagie ExactDrop in an every row application at full boom width. Hybrid booms prior to model year 2023 only support skip row configurations at full boom width. If every row application is desired, the maximum allowed widths reduced to 60 ft (18 m).

ExactApply - every row vs skip row

Quickly and easily switch between drop applications and broadcast spraying applications with the quick attach latch system. Hagie ExactDrops are easily removed for the latch with no tools or pins, simply pull the clip outward and remove the drop from the latch assembly. Installation is also a breeze, slide the drop into the latch until it clicks into place.


  • Fast and easy install or removal of drops
  • No removal of parts or pins required
  • Clicks into place for a secure connection
ExactApply latching process
ExactApply latch


Hagie ExactDrop is compatible with Hagie STS sprayers model year 2018-current machines equipped with 90, 100 and 120 ft (27, 30 and 36 m) hybrid booms in varying configurations. 132 ft (40 m) hybrid booms do not support ExactDrop. Hybrid booms 90 and 100 ft (27 and 30 m) wide support ExactDrop at 60 ft (18 m) every row. Hybrid booms 120 ft (36 m) wide model year 2022 and older support ExactDrop at 60 ft (18 m) in an every row configuration and full boom width in a skip row configuration. The Hybrid booms of 120 ft (36 m) wide for model year 2023 and newer support full boom width every row configurations.


  • Compatible with Hagie hybrid booms model year 2018-current
  • Model year 2023 and newer hybrid 120 ft (36 m) booms support full boom width every row

ExactDrop Compatibility Chart

ExactDrop Compatibility – Hagie STS with Hybrid booms
Model Year 90 ft (27 m) 100 ft (30 m) 120 ft (36 m) 132 ft (40 m)
2018 NOT SUPPORTED Half width 60 ft or skip row NOT SUPPORTED
2019 Half width 60 ft or skip row
2020 Half width 60 ft or skip row
2021 Half width 60 ft Half width 60 ft Half width 60 ft or skip row
2022 Half width 60 ft Half width 60 ft Half width 60 ft or skip row
2023 Half width 60 ft Half width 60 ft Full width
2024 Half width 60 ft Half width 60 ft Full width

Each Hagie ExactDrop has two adjustable nozzle bodies mounted behind the snoot which provides control of the fertilizer at the plant level. The adjustable nozzle angle enables the various crop spacings and growth stages. Hagie ExactDrop can be run in two different configurations, with drag hoses or with stream jet nozzles. The drag hose application allows the fertilizer to be drizzled at the base of the plant, while the stream jet application simply removes the hoses and uses a stream jet tip to shoot the fertilizer at the base of the plant.


  • Solution control at plant level
  • Row spacing adjustability
Rear view of snoot with nozzles

In addition to full boom productivity on 120-ft hybrid booms, ExactDrop does not need to be removed from the boom during transport. The included wheel guards wrap around the entire tire, and ExactDrop then flexes out of the way when turning during transport. The wheel guards also allow ExactDrop to be mounted closer to the wheels than other drop application systems, reducing the machine’s overall transport width.


  • Included wheel guards / crop divider
  • Flexible drop
  • Mounted close to machine
ExactApply narrow transport

ExactDrop Flow Rates

With Hagie ExactDrop, there are two different ways to plumb each drop. The single supply method and the dual supply method. The single supply method utilizes a single nozzle body to supply the drop and provides flow to both the nozzles in the snoot below. The dual supply method requires additional parts to plumb a single drop to be supplied by two nozzles. The advantage of this is the ability to increase the flow through each drop for higher rate applications.


  • Multiple configurations to match desired flow rate
Single Supply Dual Supply
ExactDrop Every Row 60 ft (18 m) 120 ft (36 m) 120 ft (36 m)
50 gpa/10 mph 53 gpa/10 mph 62 gpa/10 mph
43 gpa/12 mph 44 gpa/12 mph 51 gpa/12 mph


Single Supply Dual Supply
ExactDrop Skip Row 60 ft (18 m) 120 ft (36 m) 120 ft (36 m)
27 gpa/10 mph 31 gpa/10 mph
23 gpa/12 mph 26 gpa/12 mph


Single Supply Dual Supply
ExactDrop Single Drop 0 – 2.75 gpm 0 – 3.4 gpm
NOTE: All calculations are figured on 30-in. every row or 60-in. skip row.
NOTE: All calculations are figured using ExactApply configured with A+B non-pulsing using nozzles 4,5 or 6.
Single supply ExactApply plumbing
Single supply ExactApply plumbing

Setting up the machine for use in your Gen 4 display is as easy as following the instructions that are provided in the operations manual that are provided with each Hagie ExactDrop kit. Whether the machine is equipped with ExactApply or standard solution, it’s as easy as turning nozzle bodies off and a few settings in the display.


  • Easy setup
  • Detailed instructions provided
Gen 4 display

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