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Model Year Updates

MY2025 updates - See and Spray


  • See & Spray Premium – One more tool for the industry’s most versatile machine.
  • Gen 5 Display – Quicker boot up and map pull in times with more powerful processor. HD screen for clearer image.
  • 7500 Integrated Receiver – with SF-RTK signal. Long-term repeatability, season to season.
  • Rear Boom In-Cab Switching – When switching to the center rear boom for late season applications you no longer have to switch the jumper cables on the boom. Machines also now have multi-rank software that compensates for the positioning difference for the rear boom.
  • Rinse System Improvements – Improvements in rinse system and the ability to transfer water from the rinse tank to the solution tank without the optioned load pump.
  • Larger Personal Protection Storage – More room to store your PPE and keep it clean when not in use.
MY2024 updates - ExactDrop


  • ExactDrop – Hagie late season application system. Lightweight solution capable of extending drops out to 120’ every row.*
  • Extended Monitor – Immediately monitor the operations you use the most while spraying. Save time from swiping through multiple pages.
  • Mobile Weather – Protect yourself while documenting weather conditions as you spray.
  • Mid Width & Floater Fenders – Protect your machine from debris thrown up by wider float tires.
  • Quick Release Brush Guard – Increase early season visibility and simplify maintenance at the front of the machine.
  • Active Seat II – Smoother ride with the benefit of less fatigue during long days.
  • Ordering Sprayer Nozzles with Machine – Convenience of the one-stop-shop. All your nozzles can be ordered with the machine.

* Check here information for ExactDrop compatibilities and more features.

MY2023 updates - boom


  • Boom Upgrades – Larger hydraulic cylinders. Structure improvements at the main fold and where boom attaches to the transom.
  • Integrated 7000 receivers – Replacing the bracket mounted 6500 receivers.
  • 750 float tires – Next level of traction without compaction.

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