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How to Update Firmware

This is a quick guide describing how to update firmware. It uses a Norac UC7 as an example but the process is similar for other systems. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Step 1

Hover over SERVICE & SUPPORT in the yellow bar at the top.

Click Manuals & Precision Software.

Step 2

Click the Precision folder, then click the Norac folder.

Step 3

In the Norac folder, click the UC7 folder.

Click the folder corresponding to your Model / Year.

Click the file under your model to download it.

Step 4

Insert a USB drive into your computer and move the downloaded file onto the USB drive.

Make sure there are no other files on the USB drive.

Step 5

Insert a USB drive loaded with the update file into the USB connector on the HCM1. The LED marked Other will be solid green when the USB is recognized.

Step 6

Go to the UC7 update screen.

Step 7

Select the update file to use. Press the [F] button. The system will go through the update process.

An automatic setup will need to be performed each time a firmware update is completed.

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