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Next generation of STS means next level of innovation

Introducing the new lineup of self-propelled sprayers: STS12, STS16 and STS20

STS 12 in the field

With new precision ag technology, more power and the same signature front spray boom our customers have come to love, the new STS line from Hagie Manufacturing delivers next level accuracy and power.

With three new models – the STS12, STS16 and STS20 –, Hagie and John Deere have taken the industry staple of the STS series machines and thoughtfully evolved them to deliver more power, more accuracy and more efficiency in the field. The comprehensive redesign for the 2022 models features integrated John Deere technology combined with the iconic Hagie front boom.

“Hagie design and John Deere technology put farmers in control of season-long applications like never before,” said Joel Basinger, marketing manager for John Deere. “If you need to split-apply nitrogen or demand superior late-season fungicide coverage, John Deere and Hagie can help you ‘Enter the Field Any Day’ with an STS sprayer.”

While the machines employ new features and upgraded technology, the core of the STS series remains the same. They provide the strength and versatility to apply more acres and enter the field throughout the entirety of the growing season.

The all-new STS lineup is a reflection of the culture of continuous improvement and innovation that grew Hagie into the industry leader that it is today.

Build smarter, spray smarter

STS16 Hagie Sprayer in the field

It’s no secret that advanced technology assists producers in countless ways out in the field. And for producers, the technology to increase their sprayer’s accuracy is game changing. The new line of self-propelled sprayers enables fast (up to 300-gallon-per-minute fills) application with PowrSpray™ technology. With auto prime and onboard mixing, operators can get back in the field more quickly.

Additionally, with the optional John Deere ExactApply™ technology, accuracy is precisely targeted. The innovative ExactApply™ gives more power to operators with the ability to control droplet size, spray pressure and individual nozzle control. This new technology allows for accuracy down to every last drop.

Another huge bonus of the improved precision ag technology of the new STS line? The connectivity and backing of John Deere Connected Support™.

“This technology makes it easy to take advantage of the benefits of a connected machine,” Basinger said. “Not only can these sprayers stream machine and field data to the Operations Center, but with the owner’s permission, they can send machine health information to the owner’s John Deere dealer. That enables John Deere Connected Support™ – where the dealer can remotely monitor the machine for any sign of trouble and fix the issue before it causes downtime, thus maximizing the sprayer’s uptime.”

Muscle behind the mind

The new STS lineup has been engineered to deliver brains and brawn. In fact, the STS20 boasts a new dual turbo engine, making it the most powerful self-propelled sprayer available on the market.

Each STS sprayer is equipped with a John Deere Powertech™ 9.0 L engine that increases power bulge and torque. The 300-hp STS12, 400-hp STS16 and 400-hp STS20 sprayers provide increased power management and fuel economy compared with previous models.

The STS16 and STS20 are built to deliver even in extreme weather conditions with CommandDrive to ensure operators have power in the right place. Using real-time traction control with all-wheel drive and fingertip speed control, operators can count on smooth, consistent speed of application while covering more acreage. The horsepower backing has some giddy up, too, with field speeds reaching up to 25 mph and 35 mph during transit.

For sprayers, it’s critical that the power is well-balanced. That’s why Hagie’s hallmark design remains a key element in the new STS lineup. One example is the solution tank. In the new STS line, it is located at the center of the sprayer to balance the weight of the machine whether the tank is full or empty.

With three tank sizes available, operators will be able to work longer between fills, increasing efficiency. This purpose-built design results in less rutting in the field, while maintaining the strength and ability to enter the field in damp conditions to spray.

High boom, high expectations

STS16 Hagie Sprayer in the field

As the design of the STS evolves with technological advances, there’s one familiar hallmark that remains: the front high-clearance boom.

Field-proven and industry tested for years, Hagie’s hallmark front boom remains front and center in the STS lineup. With four sizes of Hagie™ Hybrid Booms to choose from in working widths of 90, 100, 120 and 132 feet, operators have increased flexibility. These booms are strong, lightweight and versatile, equipped with Active Wing Roll™ by Norac® to control boom height when spraying across uneven terrain.

The front boom placement on the STS sprayer reduces the need for operators to constantly turn and look behind the machine during application. John Deere’s AutoTrac™ RowSense™ and AutoTrac Vision keep the sprayer in the row for precise product placement.

Not only will there be no neck straining for operators, but they can now enjoy enhanced cab comfort in the newly redesigned cabs of the STS series. With enhanced visibility and all-day comfort, the new cabs feature two comfort and convenience packages with LED lighting options available. The cab’s category IV filtration system continuously flows filtered air into the cab to help keep the operator’s station clean.

The Hagie and John Deere team has enhanced the power and technology of the STS series, all while retaining the usability and key characteristics of

Hagie’s industry-leading sprayer. It’s a new generation of high-clearance sprayers that is setting the bar that much higher.

“With the boom placed at the front of the machine, combined with the expanded precision-ag technologies, enhanced operator comfort and power to spare, these are the most innovative high-clearance sprayers in the industry,” Basinger said.

The new STS series will be available for ordering in June 2021. For more information, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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